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Airlines & Airport Handling
Servicing carriers and airport authorities by managing the entire handling process, from proactive risk assessment to secure vaulting.

Minimizing time, cost and risk with fast processing systems and consolidation of multiple shipments.

Diamonds & Jewelry
Integrating all aspects of the supply chain from mining to polishing and more. Our involvement includes arranging customs clearance, secure storage and safe transportation.

Government & Central Banks
Managing the transportation of your currency, confidential data media and valuable documents. Beyond this, protecting your reputation and values is an essential part of our service.

High Tech, Pharmaceuticals & Data Media
Managing the risk of shipping patented prototypes, microchips and specific medical supplies from manufacturer to end user.

Offering direct and secure shipping to and from anywhere in the world.

Precious Metals
Recognized by the world's metal markets as a logistical supplier and as an approved LBMA weigher, we provide neutral involvement from pick-up through inventory control to final delivery.