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Sensitive Data Solutions


Pick-up just about any newspaper or magazine today, and you’re likely to find at least one story about information theft. It’s a problem that plagues companies across the nation and around the world, and it’s getting worse. Each year, businesses spend billions of dollars to protect sensitive corporate data and confidential customer records.

Brink’s security experts have learned through experience that the best way to keep sensitive data safe is to prevent illegal access before it happens. Leveraging the company’s security innovations, Brink’s Secure Data Solutions are designed to protect corporate files, data tapes, and other media during transportation, storage and destruction.

  • Transportation: Using the same sophisticated technology and rigorous controls that protect cash and valuables in transit, Brink’s transports files, data tapes and other media swiftly and securely, across the nation or around the world. Every aspect of the transportation cycle is managed by qualified Brink’s professionals trained in the trusted methods and expert processes for which Brink’s is known.
  • Storage: To protect sensitive corporate information, many companies are moving stored data off-site, away from company headquarters or satellite locations where the information is exposed to internal security breaches and other threats. Brink’s provides facilities for storage, and ensures secure pick-up, transportation and delivery.
  • Destruction: When confidential data is no longer needed or has passed records retention time limits, it’s time to contact Brink’s. Brink’s Document Destruction provides secure destruction of documents, files, data tapes, and other media. Call for a one-time shredding or ongoing service and we’ll be at your office, ready to destroy your confidential materials in our high-tech mobile shredding units.

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