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Cargo, freight & fleet monitoring


We provide innovative and customised security solutions for local or global supply chains.

We work in partnership with our customers to develop our security solutions. These focus on the identification of threats and vulnerabilities within existing and evolving supply chains. There is not a single solution that by itself can safeguard you from all criminal threats directed at vulnerable or valuable cargo. The layered approach of comprehensive solutions we offer will however ensure optimal protection for you against theft or losses.

We have extensive experience in supporting the Lifestyle & Luxury Goods, High Tech Components, Securities & Cards, Diamonds & Jewellery, Electronics manufacturers, Mining, Precious Metals, Pharmaceuticals, Art, 3rd Party Logistics & Law Enforcement markets and sectors.

What we do:

  • Asset protection: We integrate tracking products for both governmental and commercial asset protection requirements. We follow the movement of stolen objects and perform recovery operations together with local Law Enforcement Authorities.
  • Facility monitoring: We provide various methods of monitoring private and commercial facilities against burglary, fire and other kinds of alerts coming through equipment installed on premises of the monitored facilities.
  • Passive monitoring:  We provide a broad range of services such as activation of a Panic Alarm button, violations of temperature, a geo-fence, a route-fence, a call by a customer, or an alarm coming in through one of the many alarm applications the Control Room has installed.
  • Active Monitoring: We actively monitor the goods using GPS trackers built into trucks & trailers and network of Intervention service partners, while reporting and measuring at agreed and essential check points throughout the supply chain.
  • Secured Transportation: When a close presence of guards is required, we offer services of Escorting and SecuTrans. The Escorting service is used when a large transport needs to be accompanied by a crew of guards to reduce risks of robbery. The SecuTrans service is used when the transported goods are compact and do not require two vehicles.

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