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Supply Chain Monitoring


In 2013 AGS-FreightWatch (AGS FW) and AGS-Group became part of Brink’s, the world leader in risk management and secure transportation.

We provide innovative and customised security solutions globally for supply chain movements. Our control room operates 24x7x365 to ensure a complete chain of custody for our customers. In order to develop, realize and manage our customers unique supply chain requirements we focus on customised security solutions within the vulnerable, valuable and ‘at risk’ cargo sectors.

This approach enables us to identify and implement effective security solutions while complying with international standards in the cargo security industry including:

  • Facility monitoring:
    • Home and commercial facility alarm monitoring
  • Passive monitoring:
    • Vehicle fleet monitoring
    • Vehicle alarm control
    • Panic alarm monitoring
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Intervention
  • Active Monitoring:
    • Active monitoring high
    • Active monitoring basic

Please visit our website for additional information on Supply Chain Monitoring Solutions.